Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1979. Lives in Madrid, Spain.

Back in 1998 she began her studies in Visual Arts at The Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, where she came into contact with photography which she felt deeply involved with since the very beginning. After receiving her degree, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she finished a Master degree in Photography. Since then, she has been concentrating in her own artwork, taking part of some individual and collective exhibitions and attending different seminars and workshops.

Having worked in art, fashion, advertising and publishing, her main purpose has always been focused in the continuous search for the development of aesthetic and meaningful concepts applicable to every field.

From the beginning, she has created photography works that show her interest in abandoned places and the different ways to inhabit them. She links photographic fragments of abandoned spaces creating new imaginary areas.

She describes her work as the metaphor of those spaces that are under constant transformation but moving to a purpose that always seems to be the same: getting back to what they have always been; nature struggling to regain its own space.

Concurrently she has also been interested in the study of the identity and the different roles unconsciously assumed. Her work in progress revolves around the creation of diverse self-portraits in which she shows and explores the different roles she feels as imposed or assumed.

In recent years she has also been strongly interested in the creation of artist’s book and in the development and editorial design of digital and enhanced publications. Due to her experience working for an international digital newsstand, she has cultivated a great interest in the infinite possibilities that the digital world has brought to the publishing field. She is currently working on her first projects, which will be soon announced.


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